Writing, Editing, and Content Management as Kelly Andrews

Kelly AndrewsI build stories, using words and images to make organizations come to life in digital, print, and social media. I communicate the specific ideas and create reactions to build relationships between organizations and people.

My expertise is in the area of content strategy, creation, and management, as well as web and print production. I specialize in education marketing and communications, creating websites, stories, and publications for the Wharton School, Drexel University, and other clients.
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Writing and Editing as Kelly Andrews

Selection of Features

How Professor Senthil Veeraraghavan Balances Technology and Engagement in the Classroom – Wharton blog

MBA Students Speak out on Challenges for Asians in America – Wharton blog

Why a Failure Is One of This Lauder Student’s Proudest Accomplishments — and How It Brought Him to Wharton – Wharton blog (with video)

A Social Entrepreneur Creates Value Through Personal Connections and Academics – Wharton blog (with video)

First-Year MBAs Celebrate Fifth Annual Wharton Cluster Olympics – Wharton blog

MBA career transition, from Seoul to Philadelphia – Wharton blog (with video)

MBA student on navigating Wharton with a Pakistani passport – Wharton blog (with video)

This Professor Teaches Business Principles to Wharton MBAs and Zambian 8th Grade Girls  – Wharton blog

An MBA Entrepreneur Crosses the Globe to Launch Two Startups in His First Year – Wharton blog

How These Two MBAs Are Driving New Connections with an Analytics Startup – Wharton blog

How an MBA Graduate Founded a New Club at Wharton and Found a New Home in Philly – Wharton blog

A former submarine officer creates a new path with Wharton FinTech, then opens it to fellow veterans nationwide – Wharton blog

MBA student on tech recruiting, unconscious bias, and how People Analytics can help – Wharton blog

A wanderer makes himself at home in Philadelphia – Wharton blog

The Future of Libraries: A Q&A with Danuta Nitecki Drexel Quarterly

Selection of Marketing Brochures

MBA Self-Guided Walking Tour – Wharton School
Wharton Fact Book – Wharton School

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