The Book Dragon

First drum roll…

Announcing THE BOOK DRAGON, my next picture book, will be out from Sterling Children’s Books in Fall 2018 (or possibly Spring 2019).

Second drum roll…

Announcing that the illustrator is Éva Chatelain, whose art is endlessly charming and perfect for this whimsical fairy tale.

Here’s what it’s about:

The Book Dragon, by Kell Andrews, illustrated by Éva Chatelain

Reading is tiresome in the village of Lesser Scrump because the only words allowed must be written in dirt or scratched onto bark. Books are forbidden because the Book Dragon snatches them away at night to add to her massive hoard. But Rosehilda isn’t afraid of the Book Dragon, and she has a better idea for what to do with the Book Dragon’s stash.

I’m thrilled to share this news with all the readers, book hoarders, bibliophiles, and of course, draconophiles!

(Everything’s better when you have a book, and most books are better when you add dragons.)


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